Vet Profile - Dr Rohini Sathish

Dr Rohini Sathish BVSC & AH MSc MRCVS MHAO MCIVT is a Senior Vet at Cvets Veterinary Practice and is nominee Vet of the Year 2015. After practicing conventional medicine and surgery for over 20 years she decided to look at other modalities which would add value to her current knowledge. She believes this can also provide a more varied approach to the help and advice that could be offered to the clients at Cvets. While conventional medicine is fantastic for emergencies and most health problems she believes that complimentary therapies can really help with more  chronic and complicated issues. Therefore deciding to add to her professional toolkit  she studied acupuncture, acupressure  and various forms of herbal medicine namely Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Herbal medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and Animal healing. Dr Rohini finds them very useful in dealing with complex cases where a combined approach can be extremely effective.

Dr Rohini Sathish will be offering holistic consultations and acupuncture clinics at Cvets. Acupuncture is recognised by theRCVS and is a very helpful adjunct to routine pain relief in animals, which have chronic arthritis and other musculoskeletal  problems. It has also proven to be effective in epilepsy, behavioural problems and even digestive problems.  As part of the holistic care that will be offered Dr Rohini Sathish may advise the use of herbs or acupuncture or both. Herbs have been used for centuries all over the world to treat and prevent various health problems. Often pharmaceutical preparations have side effects, therefore as an alternative it is prudent to add on herbal products in conjunction with the routine conventional drugs. Animal healing is similar to reiki and can be a fantastic complement to veterinary care. It can be used to help de-stress and promote holistic well being of your pets.

We believe that integrating holistic medicine with routine conventional medicine and surgery is the way forward.  We are very pleased to offer this service atCvets please phone to make an appointment with Dr Rohini Sathish.

Dr Rohini Sathish  is a member of ABVA ( Association do British Veterinary Acupuncturists), College of Integrative Veterinary Therapists and the Veterinary Advisor for the Healing Animals Organisation.

Dr Rohini Sathish has co-authored a book called ' You Can Heal Your Pet' which describes how you can integrate conventional and complimentary treatments.

Please note that complementary therapies are now covered by most insurers but kindly check with your insurance provider to ensure that your pet is covered