Our Journey to Living with Dogs

Since I qualified as a vet in 2005, we have had many different types of pets in our family.  

As a child, I always remembered cats being the centre of family life, but never dogs.  To someone who has only ever had cats it’s tempting to never want a dog…thoughts such as ‘the house will smell of dogs’ and ‘they are such a big commitment’ come to mind.

But by 2012 my wife had issued me with an ultimatum - it's me and the dog… or neither!   So there my arm was twisted and “a dog it is” muttered under my breath.  “The poor cats”, I sighed.  “Well…” I replied, “It must be a terrier!”  My granddad always had a terrier and insisted they were the best dogs.  “OK” was the reply and all went quiet for a few weeks.

One morning, the silence at the breakfast table was broken with “I've arranged for us to go and see a wire fox terrier. We are going to Stafford next week to see some 4 week old pups”.  “Yes darling I will look forward to it” I responded, contemplating our fate.

The day came and off we went.  Now my wife was totally right; if a breeder won’t let you visit the pups to view prior to purchase and collection then something fishy maybe going on.  You might be unwittingly collecting a survivor from a puppy farm.  Or the breeder may want to hide something that may make you reconsider things. 

And so in we went. Three little, cute, fluffy white blobs. “This one is yours” I was told. “Ah it’s Edith” and that was our first meeting. They really did look so well behaved. “This is going to be a breeze” I thought. The quick examination followed, all was in order and the date for pick up was agreed. 

I told multiple clients of the plan. A terrier owner said “they are completely disobedient. You will never cope”.  “Oh I am the vet, the dog will listen” I thought. That’s the rules of life. Alas, Edith didn't quite see it that way, as I was about to discover...