Meet the Team

At Cvets, we pride ourselves on being a happy, dedicated team whose aim is to provide the highest levels of veterinary and customer care. Our wide range of experience from both the vets and the nursing team means that we can provide a truly professional and caring service to all of our customers and patients.

Nick Whieldon BVMS, MRCVS

Nick works in both our Moreton and Bebington surgeries and is more often than not heading consultations on a Saturday and Sunday too.
Nick qualified as a vet in 2005 and has a wealth of experience in dealing with all manner of cases and surgical procedures; he particularly enjoys orthopaedic surgery, often taking on the cases many other vets would refer.
Nick is married to Hannah and they have two young children, as well as two cats, Jasper and George, two snakes, some tropical fish and a very mischievous wire fox terrier called Edith and a poodle called Argo.

Tom Mountford MRCVS

Tom qualified as a vet this year 2014 and joined the practice in September. He is keen to use his knowledge and gain experience working alongside Nick Whieldon. He enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine and especially cardiology, endocrinology, hormone and liver function.
Tom has a yorkie dog called Alfie and a ferret called Jez.

Rob Drummond

Rob started work at Cvets Moreton in 2011 as an ANA (Animal Nursing Assistant). He is currently a second year student veterinary nurse. 
Rob enjoys working with all manner of animals, having a soft spot for reptiles and laboratory work.
As a member of the Cvets nursing team Rob is on hand to answer any of your pet related questions.

Lauren Harrison

Lauren started work experience at Cvets Moreton in December 2012. She then continued with her studies as an Animal Nursing Assistant for one year, after qualifying this year she started her First Year Student Veterinary Nursing in September this year 2014.
Lauren enjoys working with all animals and is keen to answer any questions or queries you may have regarding your pet. She particularly enjoys looking after the animals after they have had their operations/procedures helping them on their road to recovery. Lauren has a cat called Mila.

Marion Jones

Marion works part time as a nursing assistant/receptionist in Bebington, where her friendly smile always puts our nervous clients at ease.
In the years Marion has worked for us she has done amazingly well, both at the desk and behind the scenes in theatre and caring for our day patients post-operatively, showing our patients as much love and affection as she showers upon her own little yorkshire terrier, Ruby.

Noreen Treacy 

Noreen joined Cvets over 10 years ago and works as a Branch Manager. She is very passionate towards caring for animals and is often found feeding local pets that visit her at the surgery. She is always cuddling the pets that visit and sometimes we think she prefers pets to humans. 
Noreen has a dog called Jasper and two cats Carrot and Sarah Spit.

Cheryl Wharton

Cheryl is our second-longest serving member of staff, having starting working for Cvets in 2002 and is a very familiar face for many of our long-standing Moreton clients.
Cheryl used to work full time but after the birth of her beautiful youngest daughter in 2010 cut back her hours. So you can now pop in and see Cheryl on Monday and Tuesday, where she will use her invaluable experience to help you any way she can.
Cheryl has 2 dogs, 2 cats and a guinea pig at home (as well as the husband and 2 daughters!)

Amy Slide

Amy is one of our newest members of staff, working on the reception desk at Moreton since earlier in 2013. She has learnt the ropes really quickly and is a definite asset to the Moreton team. Even more so because, as well as her skills as a receptionist, Amy also has a degree in Zoology and Evolutionary Biology, confirming her place as an animal lover - something essential here at Cvets.
Amy has a labrador called Willow and a cat called Marley.

Paula Parson 

Paula joined Cvets a year ago as a receptionist after working for the NHS for over 20 years. During her time in the NHS Paula worked caring for patients and clerical duties. 
Paula loves caring for people and animals and has a five year old boarder collie called Bowie. 

Kate Phillips

Kate works as an auxiliary nurse/receptionist in our Moreton branch.
Despite being relatively new to the profession Kate has taken to her nursing duties like a duck to water and is certainly not afraid to get stuck in! As she is enjoying her new found career with us at Cvets she has already set her sights on formal veterinary nurse training.