Annual Health Check

Why is it important that your pet receives an annual health check from your vet?

Summer is a great time to get your pet booked in for their annual health check-up from the team at CVets Moreton or Bebington.  Making sure your pet is in their best possible health will help ensure you both enjoy the warm weather and abundant opportunities for fun that summer has to offer.

Unfortunately, our pets cannot tell us that their gums hurt, that their hip doesn't feel normal, or if they are generally feeling unwell, and oftentimes they suffer in silence without any obvious outwardly signs.  Luckily, lots of information about your pet's well being can usually be determined by your vet, and an annual health check is one of the best methods of preventative health care for your furry friend.

Considering the rate at which our pets age (around 6-7 times the rate of humans), it's extremely important that annual checkups are maintained in order to spot any early signs of disease or discomfort before they develop further.  When problems are caught early, they are often easier and cheaper to resolve, with a higher chance of a successful outcome.

For those pets that are extremely healthy, coming to visit the team at CVets for their annual check-up helps your pet to familiarise themselves with the process of visiting the vets, and when the time comes for them to visit us for a health issue, the experience will be less stressful for them.

Is it time for you to book an annual health check for your pet?  Have you noticed any subtle changes in your pets appearance or behaviour? Book a discounted appointment with our reception staff today and take advantage of this great offer!