Advanced Surgery

Quality Care Costs Less at CVets!

Here at Cvets head vet Nick Whieldon offers a wide range of advanced surgery at significantly lower prices than referral practice. Nick has a special interest in surgery and is working towards the RCVS small animal surgery certificate and is aiming to qualify as an Advanced Practitioner when he has completed the necessary surgery modules and examinations. We offer many procedures soft tissue and orthopaedic. These include:

Soft Tissue

  • Bulla Osteotomy - A surgery used to remove a diseased ear canal
  • Thyroidectomy - A surgical treatment to remove an overactive thyroid gland in cats
  • Anal Gland removal - If glands may be cancerous or repeated infections occur
  • Perineal hernia repair - A hernia around the anus of a entire male dog
  • Inguinal hernia - A hernia in the groin of a dog
  • Intestinal surgery - Including removal of a stretch of intestine
  • Soft palpate shortening - A surgery to help improve breathing in certain dog breeds (such as a Bulldog)
  • GDV surgery - A surgery to correct a twisted stomach in a large breed such as a Great Dane
  • Removal of large and complex skin tumours


  • Surgical correction of a Luxating Patella - Also known as slipping knee cap
  • Femoral Head and Neck Excision - A surgery to remove the hip joint in cases where it is diseased
  • Various fracture repairs -
  • Cranial Cruciate Ligament Repair - Required in cases where a dog breaks the cruciate ligament in the knee. We offer two options:
    • Lateral Suture - Involves inspecting the inside of the joint and then placing a false replacement ligament on the outside of the joint to correct the problem.
    • TTA technique - Involves using a plate, pin, screw and specially made titanium foam wedge to alter the structure of the knee and correct the problem. We use the fusion implant technique.

We carry out many other procedures not mentioned here so please ask one of our team for more details if you are interested. We offer inclusive set prices for most of the above operations.